4 Types of Men's Loafers and How to Wear Them

Loafers are a timeless staple in every man’s shoe closet. Men’s loafers are so versatile and come in various styles and colours, making this kind of footwear suitable to match different styles. Usually, smooth materials such as leather and suede are used to make loafers. If you know how to wear different types of men’s loafers casually or with a suit, you’re practically set for life in terms of your wardrobe. If you don’t, no worries. We have got you covered with our guide on how to style loafers appropriately.

There are several rules of thumb to remember before wearing loafers. Firstly, while loafers are pretty versatile, the best look for them is smart casual. However, you can pair a simple pair of loafers with some smart shorts and a button up t-shirt for the perfect tropical day out look. Depending on the type of loafers, they can also be paired with jeans. It is not advisable to pair loafers with a formal three-piece suit, but a more casual suit can be paired with a dark pair of men’s loafers.

Types of men's loafers

1) Penny Loafers

This casual/ semi-formal loafer is one of the most traditional types of men’s footwear. Suitable for everyday wear, this classic cut is comfortable, and usually comes in dark colours, making it easily styled with a wide array of fashion styles. The strap that runs horizontally across the top of the shoe gives a preppy look and will match well with some casual pants and a smart button up shirt, or for a more laid-back look, pair them with denim jeans and a dark t-shirt.

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2) Tassel

Tassel loafers have a bit of a dandy flair, with tassels incorporated in the design across the vamp of the shoes. They are usually made with suede or leather and can be styled both formally and casually. Wearing them with chino shorts and a collar short gives off a holiday vibe. Wear them without socks, or with ankle socks to subtly accentuate the shoes.

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3) Driving Loafers/ Drivers

The distinct pebbled outsoles of driving loafers aren’t merely a decorative addition to the shoes. They mainly serve as a functional grip. Originally worn by race car drivers, driving loafers are great for a laid back yet dapper aesthetic. Pair them with a simple but elegant outfit, like skinny jeans and a polo shirt, and you’ll look like you’re ready for lunch at the yacht club.

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4) Boat

Once a popular choice with prep boys on their way to become gentlemen of the world, these shoes were made for boaters who needed shoes that prevented them from slipping on the deck of the boat. Since they’re great for maritime activities, rock a pair on your next trip to the beach with some casual shorts and a smart t-shirt.

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