6 Gifting Ideas for Men and Women

Birthdays, anniversaries, festive seasons – they all have one thing in common – gifting! The joy of watching the excitement of a loved one opening a thoughtful gift selected just for them is incomparable and is a gift by itself. A well thought out gift is so much better than expensive ones, as it shows that you care enough about the other person to spend your time thinking about them. But sometimes, no matter how much thought we put into it, it seems like we reach an impasse about what sort of gift to get someone. We have got you covered with our list of 6 gift ideas for men and women:

1)     Wallet gifts

Wallets are a popular gift idea for men and women. There are designs for males and females, and also unisexual ones, making them a versatile gift idea in Malaysia, especially for close friends and family. Naturally, you would be familiar with the preferences of those you are close to – such as their favourite colour, size, number of compartments, and so on – and with the appropriate budget, you can get pretty good value for your money.

2)     Handbag gifts

For the ladies in your lives, whether they are your best friend of close relative, handbags are a great gift idea for women. From versatile crossbody handbags to cute, stylish clutches, there are many choices to suit every personality and preference. If your loved one is considering a wardrobe makeover, consider gifting them a nice handbag that can complement whatever style wardrobe they choose to implement.

3)     Sunglasses gift

An affordable yet luxurious gift idea for men and women, sunglasses are great gifts that shows that you care about them, especially if your loved one drives a lot out in the sun or has to be outside a lot in Malaysia’s sunny climate. Ensure that you choose a style that suits their face shape, style preference, and lifestyle. Sunglasses can range from sporty to stylish, so ensure the lifestyle they lead suits the style of sunglasses you are getting them so that they can get full use out of it.

4)     Jewelry gifts

Jewelry can be great affordable gifts, as well as stylish and thoughtful. Fashion jewelry and accessories would be a great gift idea for women. There are many options and styles of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and so on to suit every style and preference. The best part is, jewelry gifts require just a basic knowledge of a person’s personal style – perfect as gifts for that distant aunt whom you rarely interact with but are required to get a gift for anyway. Many accessories also are quite versatile and can match any outfit – making them easy yet thoughtful gifts for those you are not really close to.

5)     Men's belts

This is an easy yet classy gift idea for men. Treat the men in your life – father, brother, partner/spouse – to a nicely crafted belt. Whether classic or casual, belts are to men what accessories are for women. Depending on the personal style of the man in your life, choosing the appropriate material, type, and colour should be a breeze.

6)     Gift card

If all else fails and you really are not feeling any of the above as gifts, you could simply resort to gift cards, which allows the giftee to choose whatever they like. This is especially suitable for the people you are not very familiar with such as colleagues and acquaintances. With the increasing popularity of online shopping, the correspondingly, the popularity of e-gift cards in Malaysia as easy gifts is increasing. You can also choose different amounts to gift based on the availability and what the store of your choice offers.

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