7 Essential Things A Woman Should Have in Her Handbag

Many people may remember their mothers pulling almost everything possible out of their handbags during outings. From tissues to clean up messes to band aids to cover wounds, they seemed to be prepared for just about any common situation. With more women living a fast-paced life these days, juggling career and personal life, it is important to know what to keep in a handbag so that the essential items are always handy without the burden of carrying too many “just in case” items. Below we have listed the should-have essentials in a woman’s handbag.

1.      Face tissues

A travel pack of face tissues will always come in handy, whether to mop up a minor spill or to wipe lipstick off your teeth. Get a good quality one that is gentle and soft so that it does not irritate the skin. A travel pack takes a small amount of space, so there is really no reason not to go without this everyday bag essential.

2.      Band aids

These are one of the things you should carry in your purse, because there is no knowing when you could get into a minor scrape. Band aids take less space than tissue packets and are practically weightless.

3.      Hand sanitisers or alcohol

As we go about our daily lives, we come into contact with germs at about every surface we touch. Especially during the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, this should be one of the most important things to keep in your purse. While handwashing is preferable to get rid of germs, hand sanitisers work great when you do not have access to a sink at the mom

4.      Wallet

It is useful to have your wallet in your handbag to keep your cash and loose change organized. This way, you do not have to go digging into the depths of your bag whenever you need some change. But if you have chosen to go cashless during this pandemic, you can still keep your identification cards, and other necessary cards like debit and credit cards organised in your wallet.

5.      An extra phone charger

It is the worst feeling when your phone dies on you when you really need it. Having a spare charger in your purse can help you avoid this situation. You could also add a power bank in your handbag so that your phone never runs out of juice.

6.      A spare pad or tampon

Most menstruating people cannot deny that these are one of the most important things you should carry in your purse. Women with irregular cycles can especially relate; being caught unaware by your cycle when you are unprepared is no fun. Hormones can go awry, so it is good to be prepared with feminine products on hand. 

7.      Lip balm

Since we are wearing masks every time we go out these days, our lips are more prone to get dry and become chapped. Keep a small tube of lip balm in your handbag so that it is easy to keep your lips moistened and smooth.

While different people have different needs and preferences, the items listed above are a must have for everyone who carries a handbag, especially the sanitary products in the midst of the pandemic. If you need an upgrade on your existing handbags, or just feel like a new one, browse through ALDO’s collection of stylish handbags that suit every need and style at reasonable prices.