How to Choose A Bag to Flatter Your Figure?

In the world of fashion, handbags can make or break a look. Other than complementing styles, colours, and looks, handbags also complement the body type of a person. If you have ever wondered why a certain style of handbag looks so gorgeous on another person, but you cannot pull off the look the way they do, it may all come down to your body type. A handbag’s proportions can help to flatter your figure by either accentuating or drawing attention away from certain body parts. If this is something new to you, worry not, as we have some tips on how to choose a handbag for different body types that makes your look go from great to amazing.

1. Apple Shape

Ladies with an apple shaped body have a wide waist, while the shoulder and hips are narrower than or around the same width as the waist. To complement this body type, a handbag that de-emphasises the midsection to make the waist appear smaller should be chosen. The best bags for apple shaped bodies are those which are structured or boxy with short handles. This is because the size of the bags would draw attention away from the waist. Try to avoid sling or crossbody bags, and small bags.

2.      Pear Shape

People with pear shaped bodies have a body type which seems to gradually flare out from the shoulders to the hips to the thighs, which is the widest point of the body. Therefore, the best kind of handbags for pear shaped bodies are those that accentuate the upper part of the body and take the attention away from the lower part of the body. Avoid bags that rest on the hips, such as fanny packs and belt bags, and avoid small bags. Instead, go for strapped bags that fall between your waist and your hips.

3.      Hourglass

People with hourglass shaped figures can pretty much pull off any look. However, the size of the bag still needs to be proportionate. Taller people should avoid smaller bags and shorter people should avoid larger bags and remember to accentuate the best feature of this body type, the well-defined waist.

4.      Inverted Triangle

This body shape is like an inverted triangle, where the shoulders are broader compared to the waist and hips. Therefore, the most common style tip for inverted triangle body shapes is to use bags that draw away attention to the shoulders and direct them to the lower half of the body. Medium sized handbags that rest against the hips such as belt bags, crossbody bags, and clutches are great options. Avoid shoulder bags which can make the shoulders look broader.

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5.      Rectangle

More commonly referred to as the athletic body shape, the shoulders, waist, and hips are all of the same width. As this body type is generally seen as “straight”, the most common style tip for the rectangle body shape is to use bags that create the illusion of curves. Avoid structured bags and go for bags that fall on around your waist, your hips, or are tucked under your shoulders. Satchels, clutches, and hobo bags are great choices for this body type.

Bring your best self forward by following the tips above to choose the best handbags for different body types. Knowing how to wear your handbags based on your body shape and fashion style will definitely help to enhance your image as a fashion-forward diva. Check out ALDO’s handbags collection online to choose one that best suits you at very reasonable prices.