Bags, Shoes and Accessories Gift Guide For Father’s Day

What To Buy For Father's Day?

With Father's Day 2022 around the corner, we understand that it could be both a pressure and an exciting moment to get your dad a present that he deserves and to honour him. Therefore, we have a guide for Father's Day gift ideas to make that special man in your life happy. There is a wide range of presents for dad that can make his day, from office bags for men to men's leather belts and comfortable sneaker shoes for men. With this handy guide, you don’t have to worry about what to buy for Father's Day - instead, just focus on making the day the best day ever for the most amazing man in your life!

If you are planning a fun day out with your dad, make sure he is comfortable. Casual sneakers for men are a great option for a versatile shoe that can be used for any occasion. You want to spend your day with your dad and want him to focus on having fun instead of his aching feet, so get your dad sneakers that will avoid this. ALDO’s casual sneakers for men collection curates the most comfortable and stylish sneaker shoes for men – with quality and fashionability assured.

  1. Aldo Malaysia INTERCITY Men`s Oxford Casual Shoe Black 1
    Oxford Casual Shoe
    RM 549.00
  2. Aldo Malaysia STURUS Men`s Oxford Casual Shoe Blue 1
    Oxford Casual Shoe
    RM 399.00

If your dad is a classy man of the world and looks good in any outfit – especially so in formal or dressy outfits, maybe it is time to get him a new quality pair of kicks to go with the fit. Get leather slip on shoes for men at a reasonable price here. You never have to worry about quality as the best is assured when you buy with ALDO. When choosing a pair of formal or dress shoes, the best colour to choose is the classic, sleek black. You could also go for brown or tan, but black literally matches any outfit.

  1. Aldo Malaysia ORLOVOFLEX Men`s Driving Shoe Beige 1
    Driving Shoe
    RM 599.00
  2. Aldo Malaysia FANGIO Men`s Driving Shoe Brown 1
    Driving Shoe
    RM 599.00

Need more ideas? How about accessorising your dad? If you are considering bags for your dad, you have a huge range of options with ALDO. From office bags for men to casual bags for dad, you can find something to suit every style and occasion. You can also buy men’s wallets online with ALDO – we can assure you a high quality and durability with our products. Maybe you can finally convince good ol’ dad to ditch the tatty wallet/bag he has been toting around for ages, and proudly carry a new, stylish one you bought especially for him. The fact that your mother will thank you for it as well would be the icing on the cake for you!

  1. Aldo Malaysia RHIRAN Men`s Bag - Tote Brown 1
    Bag - Tote
    RM 459.00
  2. Aldo Malaysia MARCWHEAL Men`s Bag - Waist Bag Green 1
    Bag - Laptop Messenger Bag
    RM 369.00
  1. Aldo Malaysia CADAETREM Men`s Accessories - Belt Black 1
    Accessories - Belt
    RM 199.00

How about getting your dad the whole set of gifts? Get him shoes, a bag/wallet, and a belt, and make him a gift basket. Let him accessorise to the nines and take him out to show him off to the world! ALDO’s collection of belts have a wide range of choices that suit a variety of styles, from casual to dressy to formal, from cloth belts to men’s leather belts. Check out our collection here.

Now that you have a whole list of Father's Day gift ideas, it is time to get planning for the day! While these gifts that you buy add a nice, commemorative touch, giving him something to remember you when he uses them is essential, so spend your time with your amazing old man – because above all, spending his time with the ones his heart cherishes is the best gift for him.