Daily Essentials: Comfortable Sneakers for Work, College, & Work-Play

Shoes complete every look you own, even the simplest style. This is why everyone should own a pair of sneakers – they are versatile and are essentially a wardrobe staple. Step out in style with an incredible pair of kicks and watch as you become the envy of the town! But how do you look for your ideal pair of college sneakers, or sneakers for work, or your daily leisure sneakers? These are the shoes that need to be sturdy, comfortable, and fashionable – you are wearing them for long periods of time throughout the day, after all. What if we told you that we have what you are looking for? We are your one-stop shop for all your fashion needs! Read on and see some of the types of sneakers we offer:

Sneakers for Work

Sneakers for office wear are important, as you spend most of your days at work. You need to ensure that your work shoes are breathable, fit well, and cosy. If your job requires you to be on your feet all day, or you commute to work using public transport, consider investing in a pair of comfy slip-on sneakers – you’ll save time and effort getting them on and off, and they are versatile enough to match almost any outfit.

Besides, for those who drive, slip-on sneakers are easier to kick off, if you’re the type that prefers to drive barefoot. They’re also safer if you are constantly in a rush and don’t notice your shoelaces coming undone. Suitable for both men and women, slip-on sneakers go great with your work outfits. Invest in a pair of minimal white sneakers which go with any style – they match almost every office attire – which makes them great sneakers for office wear.

  1. Aldo Malaysia NOREDUS Men`s Slip On Sneaker Brown 1
    Slip On Sneaker
    RM 399.00
  2. Aldo Malaysia BERGEN Men`s Casual Shoe Blue 1
    Casual Shoe
    RM 499.00

Sneakers for School or College

You’re only young once, right? This is when you experiment with your looks and styles and establish your identity. Why not have fun while you’re at it? Skinny jeans are definitely the most contemporary and comfortable wear for college, so look for shoes that go with skinny jeans. You can match your best blue denims with a pair of trendy low top sneakers – which makes it convenient for you to rush off to after-class activities without the hassle of having to change your footwear. They are one of the most popular sneakers for college students. Girls, wear high-top sneakers with jeans – whether they are skinny or slim fit – and throw on a pretty blouse with a matching cardigan – you will look collegiate, trendy, and comfortable!

  1. Aldo Malaysia LAVIE Women`s Low Top Sneaker Pink 1
    Low Top Sneaker
    RM 399.00
  2. Aldo Malaysia FINEDAY Women`s Low Top Sneaker Pink 1
    Low Top Sneaker
    RM 399.00

Sneakers for Work-Play/Leisure

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy – having your leisure time after work is important for your overall well-being. However, the shoes you wear to work may not be the best for after-work activities – you could technically carry another pair of shoes with you, which is feasible enough for those who have their own mode of transportation or individual lockers at work. Or you could just get a pair of lightweight sneakers that you could use for both work and play. Besides being versatile and trendy, they also are made to make walking and running feel effortless. For someone constantly on the go, lightweight sneakers are a must have so that they don’t tore out so easily.

  1. Aldo Malaysia GOLIATH Men`s High Top Sneaker Blue 1
    High Top Sneaker
    RM 599.00
  2. Aldo Malaysia ZEUS Men`s Low Top Sneaker Black 1
    Low Top Sneaker
    RM 549.00

Are you ready to get your college sneakers, or sneakers for work, or your daily leisure sneakers? Head over to ALDO and browse through our men’s and women’s sneaker collection – great deals await you, along with delivery to your doorstep!