How To Wear Heels Comfortably And Elevate Your Style

Every true fashionista understands that heels are a must-have fashion accessory – it enhances the wearer’s femininity and attractiveness. They make you appear fantastic in dresses or jeans by elevating your heels and giving your legs a slender contour. Nonetheless, it is a common complaint that wearing heels all day causes discomfort and pain – but if you understand the many types of heels and how to choose the ideal type for your feet, you will be able to stay on your feet all day in a decent pair of heels! And also look slaying while you’re at it. When it comes to heels, you must consider both your own style and the occasion. It is really easy to find comfortable heels for standing all day, as long as you follow these tips below:

1) Lower height

You can slay the office look in heels all day. You might wonder how to stop your feet hurting in heels but getting comfortable office heels basically depends on the height of your heels.Heels in the range of 1-3 inches are perfect for all-day wear, while also enhancing your silhouette.

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2) Thicker heels

Thicker, blocked heels are great to slightly increase height while looking feminine and are sturdy and stable enough for those who have just started wearing heels, or those who seldom wear them.

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3) Opt for open-toe heels

While pointy heels may look elegant and classy, it is undeniable that they hurt your toes when you wear them too long, hence open-toe heels can be a great alternative to maintain that classy look without compromising comfort.

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4) Choose heels with cushion/padded insoles

If you still want to wear higher heels, choose those that have comfortable cushion paddings to protect your feet if you have to stand all day. Alternatively, you can purchase gel/foam instep cushioning for your shoes. 

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Here are some types of comfortable heels for work:

Pumps – Pumps are one of the most comfortable heels for work. With a classic, all-rounder design, pumps can be worn around the clock. They are also versatile enough for both formal and social occasions. Get a pair in the timeless black or nude to pair with your work outfits or combine those with a pair of jeans or a cocktail dress for social engagements.

Kitten heels – Kitten heels are heels that are thin and below 3 inches in height. These comfortable high heel shoes are great for those who are not comfortable wearing high heels, or taller women who want to wear heels despite their height. This is another versatile style that comes in various designs that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. A pair of plain kitten heels look great with a pantsuit for work, and a bright coloured one with bows can be paired with a sundress for a fun day out.

Wedge shoes – While heels make your overall silhouette look absolutely great, typical high heels are not exactly comfortable. Wedge heels and wedge sandals are the most common types of wedge shoes. They are more comfortable and provide a great solution on how to wear high heels without pain as their soles allow a more even distribution of weight. Wedges look great when paired with dresses, skirts, or jeans for a great casual look.

Now that you know how to wear heels comfortably, perhaps you would like more inspiration to choose the best type of heels for yourself. Head over to ALDO MY and browse through our heels collection today!