How to Style Yourself for Chinese New Year

Leap into the Year of the Tiger with a look that would make the God of Wealth shower his benevolence upon you!

It is the time of the year again to get rid of the old and welcome in the new. Chinese New Year is celebrated to mark the end of winter and herald the spring. It is an important celebration for the Chinese community all over the world and has a strong influence in other Asian communities that observe the lunar calendar as well, such as in the Vietnamese, Tibetan, and Korean cultures. One of the most important observations of the season is the thorough spring cleaning that Chinese families do prior to the day of Chinese New Year, as they believe that by doing so, they seep away ill fortune and make way for good luck. This also includes new clothes – but not many are aware that good Feng Shui extends to clothes as well! For the year of the tiger, the auspicious colours are forest green (good business), gold (more wealth), white (love), and black (good health).

If you celebrate it, you may have started wondering what to wear for Chinese New Year, and you’re probably already going through your wardrobe or Pinterest boards to find inspiration to put together a perfect Chinese New Year outfit, which can be a tiring and time-consuming process. And that is why, as a treat for you, ALDO has got you covered! From matching handbags and shoes to Chinese New Year accessories, we have prepared a handy list for you to get your CNY outfit ideas for men and women from:

Look 1

Rock the rich Asian heiress look with a sleek, sexy cheongsam, and pair it with the red Quintinia platform sandals to give your silhouette a more refined look. Pair it with the trending Rhireria handbag and the Killawarra bracelet for a touch of auspicious gold. Honour the year of the mighty feline by adding the Czarina scarf.   

Look 2

If you’re not one for wearing heels, consider pairing a bright red jumpsuit with these beautiful golden sneakers! These are the perfect shoes for Chinese New Year visiting, as they are comfortable enough to wear for a long period, while maintaining a stylish look. Complete this look with the trending Fari crossbody bag. Alternatively, you could go for the Willo sneakers.

  1. Aldo Malaysia WILLO Women`s Lace-Up Sneaker White 1
    Lace-Up Sneaker
    RM 459.00

Look 3

These statement sneakers for men would look amazing either dressed up or down! You can pair these kicks with a traditional outfit for a reunion dinner with your family, and style it casually the next day for an outing with your friends.

  1. Aldo Malaysia COWIEN Men`s Low Top Sneaker White 1
    Low Top Sneaker
    RM 369.00

Look 4

These loafers are perfect for those who like sleek, clean lines, and a polished look. Pair these with a smart casual outfit and add these sunglasses for an impressive metropolitan Chinese New Year outfit.

  1. Aldo Malaysia DAVIT Men`s Slip-On Sneaker White 1
    Slip-On Sneaker
    RM 369.00

The outfit combinations are practically endless, as different people will definitely have different preferences. However, do try to incorporate red into your outfit whenever you can, as it is the auspicious colour for Chinese New Year outfits, representing luck. Add a touch of gold, as it represents wealth and abundance. Check out ALDO’s latest products, and attract joy, luck, wealth, and abundance in style!