How to Wear Sandals to Match Your Outfit

Sandals are the longest known type of footwear to survive to this day. From ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Indian civilizations to the modern-day world, sandals for women have been a staple choice of footwear. They are an open type of footwear, consisting of a sole that is held to the foot with straps that go over the instep and around the ankle. From the ancient papyrus, rope, and leather sandals worn for comfort and practicality, sandals have evolved to be quite a fashion statement these days. Sandals for women in Malaysia fulfil both the practical and the fashionable part and are must haves in every fashionista’s wardrobe. The versatility of sandals allows them to be styled multiple ways, and below we have a short guide on how to wear sandals of different types to match different styles:

1) Flat sandals

Complete the cool summer look by pairing flat sandals with a light-colored top, and denim slacks for semi formal or social engagements, or women’s shorts/capris for a more “fun in the sun” look. Add a pair of large sunglasses and matching accessories, and you may as well have stepped out the pages of a fashion magazine! The best part is, you would not have to sacrifice your comfort for style as these sandals, true to their name, are flat!

2) Slide sandals

These women’s outdoor sandals are easy to slide on and off. For a beach diva look, pair these sandals with your favorite swimming suit and denim shorts. Don’t forget your sun hat and sunglasses! Another look you could pair with these sandals is beach chic – just wear a simple tank top and casual shorts and accessorize accordingly. For a simple stroll out in the sun, women’s slide sandals would look great with a summer shirt and denim shorts.

3) Wedge sandals

Considered one of the trendier women’s fashion sandals, wedges can be paired with almost anything, from sedate dresses to spicy bikinis. They can be paired with long dresses for a dressed-up look or with a shorter summer dress for a cute, fun look. They can also be paired with skirts, shorts, and denim pants. Just add a simple tank top or a light blouse, and that completes the look. For women who would like to appear taller without having to wear stilettos or other types of heeled shoes, wedge sandals are a perfect choice.

4) Heeled sandals

These sandals are considered “dressier” and are elegant. They vary in style and that dictates what they should be worn with. A simple, monochromatic, strappy heeled sandal can be paired with leggings and a flowy blouse for a more casual look. For special occasions, heeled sandals with a bit more bling, or those made of polished leather would look amazing with cocktail dresses.

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