Types of Dress Shoes for Men and How to Choose Them

Dress shoes are an essential footwear for men. They are usually made of genuine or synthetic leather and are a must-have fashion item when you are dressing up for a formal occasion such as weddings or an office party. They are also formal enough to be worn to the office on a daily basis. Below is our suggested list of which 4 types of dress shoes that we think you should own.

Oxford & Derby Shoes

Oxford and Derby shoes are timeless classic and are an essential part of every gentleman’s shoe closet. Oxford shoes feature a closed lacing system, giving it a neat, polished look, and are a perfect choice if you have ever wondered what shoes to wear with suits. Derbys are similar to Oxfords, but with an open lacing system for a more stylish, casual look. Pair them with a polo tee and dark pants, and you will look like a million bucks! Oxfords are usually made of genuine or synthetic leather, while Derbys are also found in materials such as suede, making it a more flexible style for smart casual looks.


Lace up shoes give off a simple, utilitarian vibe, and are versatile enough to suit any occasion, depending on the style. Usually in slim, clean cuts, they are best paired with casual evening wear or stylish weekend wear to project an aura of casual ease without being sloppy. Picture wearing a smart shirt and crisp pants with a pair of lace-ups, and you have the look that is ready to go paint the town red.

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As the name suggests, loafers go well with the casual or smart casual look. They are laceless slip-on shoes that have a moccasin-like cut. These comfortable dress shoes for men give off a very relaxed yet stylish vibe, perfect for the dandiest gentlemen among us. This style is also adaptable to quite a number of looks. Wear them with a turtleneck sweater and jacket and some pants for a nice, smart dinner look.

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Monk Straps

If you are stuck on how to choose formal shoes that are versatile in style, you could never go wrong with monk straps. The formality of this style lies somewhere between the Oxford and the Derby, being less formal than the Oxford but more formal than the Derby. It has a strap across the top with either one or two buckles, giving a very sleek, sharp look. It is certainly convenient for those who don’t like to mess around with laces yet still want to look sharp. Pair them with a nice button-up shirt, blazer, and pants for an interview-ready look.

Whether you are a stoic businessman dressed to impress, or a metropolitan male keeping trendy, dress shoes for men are a must in your closet. We hope that this men’s formal shoes guide has helped you decide which style suits you best.


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