The Perfect Mini Crossbody, Shoulder Bag, Fanny Pack and Wristlet for Your Next Adventure

Bags are definitely an important complementary fashion accessory to spice up your outfit. However, bringing a large bag can be a hassle when you want to go for a fun outing, you would want a small bag carrying all the essentials when it comes to day trips/festivals/important events with your loved ones. But this is not a huge problem, as the evolution of fashion and emancipation of women also saw the progress of women’s fashion to become practical, while still remaining elegant and stylish. We have prepared a handy little guide to the best types of small handbags to pair with your occasional outfits.

5 Types of Small Handbags to Wear for Your Next Outing

Clutch Bag – Clutch bags for women are a classic choice. Not only are they easy to hold, but they also come in a huge variety of styles and designs, with one thing in common among all the varieties; they are easy to hold! True to its name, clutches are designed to hold your essentials together, and you can show it off as a part of your outfit. No more bulky bags or bulging pockets to deal with! Paired with a matching outfit, prepare to be wowed by the pleasing silhouette you present. Clutch bags for women are suitable to be paired with wedding outfits and other formal clothes.

  1. Aldo Malaysia LASTOURS Women`s Handbag - Clutch Black 6
    Handbag - Clutch
    RM 349.00
  2. Aldo Malaysia MULINUM Women`s Handbag - Crossbody Pink 5
    Handbag - Clutch
    RM 349.00

Wristlet – Even smaller than a clutch bag, wristlet wallets are designed for you to carry your barest essentials. You can fit your cash, debit/credit cards, and phone, and maybe some Chapstick to keep your lips lusciously moist throughout the day. Wristlet wallets are suitable for a quick run to the store, or even at formal events where you cannot be bothered with carrying around too many things. If you are a swimmer, there are also waterproof wristlets designed for you to carry your important items without it getting in your way

  1. Aldo Malaysia MERECLYA Women`s Handbag - Wallet Pink 1
    Handbag - Wallet
    RM 169.00
  2. Aldo Malaysia OCOMAN Women`s Handbag - Wallet on a Chain Beige 1
    Handbag - Wallet on a Chain
    RM 199.00

Fanny Pack – Fanny packs are another popular classic. Not only you can wear it around your waist, you can also wear it across your chest - a safer way to avoid pickpockets as it would give them a harder time to snatch off you, as a small fanny pack would literally be hugging your body. For casual events such as funfairs or a sale where you need your cash/credit cards but still need to be aware of many people mingling, thus posing a higher risk of purse snatching, small fanny packs are the best bet. Cash, cards, and a phone close to you at all times, and you are ready to browse to your heart’s content while keeping your personal effects safe.

Crossbody Bag & Shoulder Bag – A mini crossbody bag or a small shoulder bag are suitable for those who want to carry more than just cards, cash, and a phone. They have a bigger capacity so that you can carry some water to stay hydrated, and your personal hygiene necessities. They are available in many different styles and for different kinds of events, especially designed to contain your daily essentials while allowing you to go hands-free. And just like the fanny pack, these bags can be held close to you at all times, preventing the chances of being robbed.

  1. Aldo Malaysia FRERISSI Women`s Handbag - Top Handle DISNEY x ALDO Pink 1
    Handbag - Top Handle DISNEY x ALDO
    RM 399.00
  2. Aldo Malaysia LASTOURS Women`s Handbag - Clutch Black 6
    Handbag - Clutch
    RM 349.00

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