Types Of Women's Bags That Are Suitable for Work

The evergreen lyrics belted out by Aretha Franklin and the Eurythmics have never run so true as in the current modern world. Sisters are indeed doing it for themselves! Women account for 47.7% of the global workforce, and these numbers are rising, with more awareness about gender equality and women’s rights across the globe. Just imagine how empowering the image of a self-confident, powerful woman is in a male dominated environment – the posture, the attitude, the wardrobe – all of these are essential to project the image of a career woman.

Now, it is undisputed that bags are a woman’s best friend, especially if they are constantly on the go. They don’t only carry their work necessities, but also all the items they need to look fresh and put-together all day, and not forgetting their nourishment to keep them going all day. Thus, office bags for ladies need to be sturdy and easy to utilize optimally, allowing them to carry their laptops, planner, water, and all other daily necessities. With the multitude of choices available to women, being fashionable while also functional is a walk in the park.

What are the best work bags for women? We have listed some of the most popular types of ladies’ work bags preferred by women on the go:

1) Backpacks

Style, comfort, functionality – the holy trinity to complete the look of a professional woman comes in a package with laptop backpacks for women, especially for those who commute to work on public transport. Gone are the days where you have to fumble around in a slinged handbag with one hand looking for your commute pass while holding your bag with the other, all the while trying to maintain some balance. With the multiple compartments in laptop backpacks for women, you could simply store your commute pass in one of the easily accessible side pockets, while your laptop, wallet, and phone remain safe in the main compartment.

2) Totes

Chic, stylish, functional – these factors are what complete a modern stylish working lady, and you could never go wrong with the updated version of the classic work tote bag. Modern day totes come with handy multiple inner compartments to store your laptop, documents, water, snacks, makeup, wallet, phone, commute pass… the list could go on. The best part is, the clean outer silhouette does not betray the inner capaciousness of this classic ladies’ work bag, so you could match your stylish outfit with an equally stylish bag without compromising fashion and function.

3)     Top Handle Bags

Need something more versatile that doubles as a social bag as well as a work bag? Or you simply do not want to carry large bags around? Top handle bags may be the best fit for you. Go from office chic to date night socialite without the hassle of changing bags to fit the occasion. Top handle bags are smaller and usually more fashionable and are suitable for after work social events such as dinner night with friends or a romantic date with a partner/spouse.

4)     Laptop Bags

Women’s laptop bags these days are designed with professionalism and style in mind. There are many choices that are chic and sleek and would greatly complement your professional outfits. Many designs come with a long strap that you can wear crossbody, thus saving your shoulder the fatigue from conveniently carrying all your necessities in one handy bag.

Celebrate your independence as a woman! Check out our collection of office bags for ladies online and select the one that completes your powerful career woman image. From top handle bags to women’s laptop bags, we have it all for you at ALDO MY.