Men's High Top, Slip On
and Sustainable Sneakers
to Wear in 2022

Every man should have at least a pair of sneakers, whether for sports training, comfy kicks for the office, or simply to enhance your fashion game! Sneakers are so versatile that they may be worn with nearly everything. Fashion sneakers for men are getting more popular, and with the latest sneaker trends, men can now dress up or down as they like, completing their wardrobe with their signature looks. Shoes are no longer just women’s domain – men can also indulge in the numerous options of footwear available to them. There are various types of sneakers, ranging from everyday sneakers to casual sneakers for men. They can be worn to almost every occasion that has a casual or smart casual dress code. The following is a helpful dossier on sneakers trends for 2022.

Low top sneakers

Men can now opt for the sleek, casual look with low top sneakers. These casual sneakers for men are a popular classic – a regular choice among the cool cats out there! They can be paired with a unique pair of ankle socks to make that individualistic statement every man craves or paired with no-show socks to retain the focus on the sneakers. They also look amazing when paired with shorts, jeans, and also chinos.

High top sneakers

Another classic among men’s trending sneakers, high tops are a great choice as fashion sneakers for men. High tops, once a rage with youth, is now a wardrobe staple among metropolitan men. Rock the smart casual look by pairing your high tops with your favourite jeans or chinos. They also look great with medium length shorts.

Slip on sneakers

Slip on sneakers have been one of the top sneaker trends for men for quite a long time, especially for men always on the go. They do not have shoelaces to do up or untie, and the silhouette is particularly pleasing for minimalists, both for the streamlined cut as well as the ease of getting them on and off. They are quite popular with the urban yuppies and can be used as everyday sneakers. They are highly convenient as they do not have laces to be done up. Pair them with some light-coloured pants and shirt, and throw on a denim jacket for your everyday, laid-back look.

White sneakers

Chic, sleek, suave, timeless, classic. These are the words that come to mind when white men’s sneakers are mentioned. White sneakers can never run out of style and can be worn with any casual or smart casual outfits. Pairing the outfits with these shoes result in a laidback, sleek look that is clean and minimalist, yet fashionable. For a casual look, pair with khaki or corduroy shorts and a light-coloured round neck tee. Complete the look with a brimmed straw hat and aviators. For a smarter look, pair with slacks, collared tee, and casual jacket.

Shoes with sustainable materials (ALDO Love Planet)

Many discarded sneakers that are thrown out end up in the landfill, where they begin their long 30–40-year decomposition process. The demand for footwear is one that cannot cease as it is a necessity. However, the materials used for a pair produces an alarming amount of carbon dioxide, and with 300 million pairs being thrown out each year, this is very unsustainable to the environment. The good news is consumers of today are more educated on environmental issues and are shopping responsibly. Thus, a demand for sustainable sneakers is on the rise. The current generation do not hesitate to pay a bit more for sustainable sneakers if it means that they did their part to preserve the environment.

With ALDO’s sustainability initiative, you can now increase your stylish footprint while reducing your carbon footprint. Check out our men’s sneakers collection and complete your wardrobe with sustainable fashion sneakers for men now.