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Designing the Disney x ALDO Cinderella Collection

It's been 70 years since Disney released Cinderella, but with our latest collab, the story feels fresher than ever. A match made in heaven: take a sneak peek behind the scenes to discover what happens when the shoe fits.

Creating a modern Fairytale

How do you reimagine Cinderella for 2020? We were inspired by classic details but wanted to combine them with modern trends and silhouettes to create irresistible thumb-stoppers. Take our updated glass slipper, which stays true to the iconic Cinderella pumps but adds a translucent slab heel, glitter details and delicate ankle strap to create the perfect fit for a 21st-century fairytale. We also created a pair of Disney x ALDO Cinderella slide sandals, with the same beautiful translucent styling to keep you dancing long past midnight.

Twice as nice

Born for the spotlight? When it comes to fashion and personality, Cinderella's stepsisters a style icons in their own right. Paying homage to their coordinated ball gowns, our two-strap mules are inspired by the bright colours and bold attitudes that made these characters so memorable. That said, our interpretation is also about the need-now trends we are living for this season: sleek lucite heels, square toes, bright shades of neon and flared heels - with matching handbags for that little extra.

A little fairy dust

It wouldn't be a Disney capsule collaboration without some playful winks to one of Walt’s most beloved tales. Look for special touches throughout the collection, from the soles of our shoes to the boxes they come in. Even our product names were sprinkled with a bit of magic. And of course, our special-edition Disney x ALDO Cinderella clutch was inspired by the movie poster of Disney's Cinderella 1973 re-release that we all watched (and re-watched).

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