The Right Gift For Your Dad

What style does your dad fit right into? No fret, ALDO provide a line-up of collection cater to different persona of dad out there.

All About Business Dad

Dress to impress in a business meeting is a key to sucess. Pair him up with classy lace up or slip ons dress shoes that will never go wrong.

  1. Aldo Malaysia ZIRNUFLEX Men`s Flat Loafer Slip On Black 1
    Flat Loafer Slip On
    RM 499.00

The Athletic Dad

Get a pair of sneakers for the energetic and youthful sporty dad out there.  Paired it up with their denim pants and ready to go. 

  1. Aldo Malaysia CERVAES Men`s Lace-Up Sneaker Black 1
    Lace-Up Sneaker
    was RM 349.00 Special Price RM 174.50 (50%)
  1. Aldo Malaysia ADALWIN Men`s Lace-Up Sneaker White 1
    Lace-Up Sneaker
    RM 399.00
  2. Aldo Malaysia BRADD Men`s Lace-Up Sneaker Beige 1
    Lace-Up Sneaker
    RM 399.00
  1. Aldo Malaysia RPPLFROST1A Men`s Slip-On Sneaker Beige 1
    Slip-On Sneaker
    was RM 399.00 Special Price RM 279.30 (30%)
  2. Aldo Malaysia EISINGEN Men`s Low Top Sneaker White 1
    Low Top Sneaker
    RM 369.00

Casual Fun Dad

The weekender & easy going dad with slip-ons or sandals yet still looking stylish and trendy.

  1. Aldo Malaysia OLICKO Men`s Low Top Sneaker Blue 1
    Low Top Sneaker
    RM 349.00
  2. Aldo Malaysia CARUFEL Men`s Slip-On Sneaker Green 1
    Slip-On Sneaker
    RM 299.00

Complete the look

  1. Aldo Malaysia FELEOGILD Men`s Accessories - Sunglasses Green 1
    Accessories - Sunglasses
    RM 99.00

Not sure what to give? Let your dad decide.

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