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Women's Footwear

From flashy stilettos to classic sneakers, there is always something for you.
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How to Choose the Right Pair of Shoes Online

Women’s footwear might be difficult to tackle, due to several factors such as the multitude of choices, styles and colours available. Plus, you also won’t be able to physically try them on.

How exactly do you navigate this issue and expertly buy women's shoes online

Have a clear goal


Formal attires require a classic and simple silhouette but when it comes to women’s footwear, the options include heels, flats, wedges and mules that are simple yet sophisticated.


Sneakers and sandals work with every kind of outfit and for everyday occasions such as brunches, grocery runs and regular outings. 


Stilettos would be the perfect match for your dress during a fancy dinner. If you are required to move around in a formal setting, go for a stylish pair of wedges for support instead. 

Know your size

Remember the dimensions of your feet (the length between your heel and tallest toe) as this will serve as a basic measurement guide when referring to the brand’s sizing chart. 

Consider the different shapes of shoes and style

Keep in mind that some shoe designs may be unsuitable for your feet shape and arch. For example, a narrow and slim design might not be able to fit wide feet and vice versa. 

Choose a reputable brand with a trustworthy return policy

ALDO MY is known for producing in-trend and high-quality ladies’ shoes in Malaysia with fine craftsmanship. It is the to-go brand for ladies looking for fashionable footwear to fit any kind of occasion.


Worried that your online purchase might not be the perfect one after all? Worry not, ALDO MY allows refunds and exchanges (including footwear) within 30 days! For more information, visit